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Dipping Bread Bowls

Dipping Bread Bowls

Time Involved
< 20 min
# of Ingredients
Skill Level
Large Kaiser buns
8 oz (227g) 
Tub ready prepared dip (e.g. roasted red pepper or artichoke)
Sliced vegetables (red pepper, cucumber, carrots, celery)

CUT 1 bun horizontally, with 2/3 on bottom and 1/3 on top. Hollow out the bottom part of bun to create a bowl.

CUT the top and the second bun into dipping size pieces.

FILL bread bowl with dip of your choice. Place on large plate and surround with pieces of bun and raw vegetables.

TIP: When entertaining a crowd, try filling several bread bowls, each with a different dip. Place all varieties on a large platter surrounded by colourful raw vegetables and watch them disappear!

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